auto.POST – Self-Service Postal Kiosk

Self-Service Postal Kiosk auto.POSTAutoPost is a self-service postal kiosk for sending registered and standard letters as well as small parcels for a specified price.

The device is designed mainly for self-service areas where Customers can send a letter or parcel without any contact with postal employees, upon providing data such as: the sender, the recipient, target area.

The device defines the amount to be paid on the basis of data introduced by the Customer and after it has weighed the letter or parcel.

The payment can be made in cash (banknotes, coins) or with a charge card (including a NCF card). The device generates two types of print-outs: self-sticking labels which the Customer places on the letter or parcel before it is finally sent, and a dispatch confirmation (and/or payment confirmation) – according to samples provided by the User.

In addition, the device may be used for making utility bills payments, transfers, payments and for cash withdrawal.

Self-Service Postal Kiosk auto.POSTEquipment Description

Self-service postal kiosk Autopost enables communication between the Customer and the device with the use of a touchscreen. The touchscreen supports the user (application) interface, used for sending letters and parcels. Installed speakers enable the transmission of messages and voice suggestions by an electronic speaker.

Autopost is ready for the installation of:

  • charge card reader;
  • NCF charge card reader; and
  • bar code reader.

Print-outs, both from the label printer and from the receipt printer, are provided in a special trough.

Self-Service Postal Kiosk auto.POSTFinancial component of Autopost includes elements enabling a financial (cash) handling of payments for a letter or a parcel. The Customer can see:

  • a coin slot;
  • a slot for inserting and returning banknotes;
  • a coin return slot.

The letter and parcel reception box is equipped with a weighing module which verifies the correctness of the payment.

Autopost is equipped with a module for maintaining power supply in the case of power outage.

The access authorization of users (the operator’s employees) to operator’s activities is verified with RFID cards. Additionally, individual parts of the device are secured against any attempts of unauthorized access.

Kiosk pocztowy auto.POST - UP w Warszawie auto.Post at the Post Office at Kazimierzowska Street in Warsaw.
 app_ref3 auto.Post in a temporary location – during the Economic Forum in Krynica Zdrój.

auto.POST at a Post Office in Ząbki.





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