Mera Systems

For decades we have been continuing in MERA Systems the tradition of the renowned Polish company which created and successfully launched numerous innovative and technically advanced devices on domestic and international markets. Also today our pioneering work delivers intelligent self-service solutions which for years have been a natural „environment” of a modern city.

MERA provides and integrates intelligent solutions
, especially in the field of public transport. We design and create modern automatic systems of collecting fees, including ticket machines in public vehicles and places. We provide intelligent systems and tools for monitoring and managing the sales network in terms of comprehensive, automatic service of tickets distribution.

MERA is also one of the domestic leaders
in implementing self-service solutions to support the work of administration, offices, e-commerce and entities providing banking, posting, health, advertising and entertainment services, which have become a part of the friendly city infrastructure.

More than 5000 of our devices already function on the Polish market. We have implemented and still implement projects for the needs of large agglomerations as well as those on a smaller scale, for local communities.

  • Our internal, external and mobile solutions provide access to many services at any time.
  • Our devices are localized in places of direct need.
  • We provide comfortable, widely available payment forms, including mobile payments and city cards service.
  • We reduce human work, minimize costs and increase the return from investments of our Customers in the development of public transport.
  • Thanks to developed network of service support we are always where and when we are needed.

Group of companies

MERA SYSTEMY is part of one capital group with the following companies:

  • MERA-SERWIS SGL sp. z o.o. SKA, which offers service and maintenance of ticket systems,
  • MERA OPERATOR sp. z o.o., which offers operator sales of tickets and ticket vending machine rental services.

Ticket Vending Machines