Mera has been present on the market of automatic fee collection in public transport practically from its beginning. Since 2008 we have developed our offer in terms of ticket machines, both cash and cashless, installed in the vehicles and in stationary locations. Not only do we monitor the changes on this market, but we are also inspire and initiate numerous innovative solutions.

We cooperate with units of territorial self-government, with public and private transport operators, entities organizing this transport and providers of vehicles.

Mera is flexible when it comes to cooperation with its Customers, and together with them develops a cooperation model that is beneficial for both parties: starting from delivering the devices directly to the Customer, through cooperation with municipal systems integrators and vehicles providers, and ending with the delivery of ready, comprehensive solutions for fee collection in public transport.

Mera offers formulas of long-term financing of its deliveries (i.e. leasing). We are also ready to function as an operator of a fee collecting system, bearing the burden of preparing and maintaining the system infrastructure.

Our solutions can be found all around Poland, both on a large scale (e.g. in Warsaw, where there are over 1 500 of our ticket machines) and at our Customers’ places, where we delivered single devices.

Mera’s solutions become a permanent and visible element of municipal architecture. As a result we are able to create opportunities and benefits for our Customers, the environment and society. Our solutions create and support the idea of a SMART CITY in the following areas:

  • Smart Mobility – smart solutions in transport;
  • Smart Government – smart administration;
  • Smart Living – enhancement of life quality

becoming an integral part of a modern, friendly and “smart” neighborhood.

Mera offers solutions which at the level of local administration automatize the process of submitting documents and paying administrative fees (taxes, local fees, etc.). Machines accepting payments and machines installed in offices not only prolong the time during which the services are available (also out of the offices’ opening hours) but also significantly reduce the costs of running an office for filing documents and a cash desk.
An expansion of Mera’s activities on the transport market is directing its offer to the railway industry. Selected devices offered by Mera are perfect for train stations and train stops. They can also be used in the vehicles. The software used in the ticket machines handles the complex train ticket tariffs very well and is ready to handle numerous operators and connections between them. The devices and systems meant for the railway industry are subject to stricter requirements which Mera has been meeting for many years.

Stationary Mera devices for selling tickets at suburban and agglomeration train stops, e.g. Koleje Śląskie or Warszawska Kolej Dojazdowa, enjoy particular popularity.

Taking advantage of many years of experience on the market of self-service devices providing a whole range of functions, among others handling of cash and cashless transactions, Mera offers also solutions dedicated to handling Customers on the market of post office services, with special attention paid to the support of dynamically developing e-commerce market. Mera devices, including the unique auto.POST, automatize the processes of sending and receiving letters and parcels. By creating device networks not only do we reach the Customers with our services within time unlimited by the working hours of a post office, but we also optimize the financial and logistic processes due to a central system for managing and monitoring.


With their integration with ticket sales and distribution systems and access systems, Mera devices are perfect for museums, galleries, zoos or entertainment parks. Just as in the case of increased number of passengers in public transport, ticket machines enhance the process of distribution (sale and receipt) of tickets in cultural and entertainment institutions because they are more efficient than complex cash desk systems. They are perfect for places where personnel is limited and where ticket sale systems are often integrated with access systems.

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