Decontamination Gate

The Decontamination Gate is characterized by a very high viral biodegradability rate.

Its unique high-pressure fogging system and ultraviolet light wave ensure high efficiency in public places.

14 special nozzles produce a diffused mist, without condensation.

It has its own system of castor wheels, allowing you to easily and quickly shift the entire set to any place.

The Decontamination Gate:

  • is bidirectional
  • Wheelchair ramps are located on both sides
  • The cabin is equipped with an anti-slip mat
  • Easy-to-read touchscreen operator panel enabling the selection of appropriate parameters for the decontamination cycle
  • Our gate has an autonomous mobile cage for the biocidal agent tank, which greatly facilitates operation.

Decontamination Gate

Operator panel

  • screen size: 7″

Gate’s outer dimensions:

  • Width 1,150mm
  • Height 2,313mm
  • Depth 1,147mm
  • Gate depth with incursions 2,118mm

Gate’s internal dimensions:

  • Width 947mm
  • Height 2,037mm
  • Depth 1,045mm

Control cabinet:

  • Width 467mm
  • Height 1,466mm
  • Depth 1,147mm

Additional information:

  • Tank: 60L
  • Disinfectant: OXI Chlorine Dioxide
  • Weather-resistant stainless steel
  • Single-phase power supply 230V 50-60Hz