Individual projects

For decades we have has been continuing in MERA Systems the tradition of the renowned Polish company which created and successfully launched numerous innovative and technically advanced devices on domestic and international markets.

Therefore, we treat constant innovations and development, and “adding value” at each stage of designing and production a part of good practices.

The power of Mera’s R&D department is a team of engineers having expertise in many fields. This team is supported by an internal software house.

It makes it possible for us not only to create new products, but also market trends. We do not avoid adaptation of the best, the most modern and innovative market solutions to our needs and to the needs of the Customers.

We create strong relationship with our subcontractors, partners and designers and form a team focused on success of the implementation. We treat our Customers as a part of this team. Their suggestions, expectations and advice influence the final shape of a product or service.

Individual projects

CID (custom, inno, design)