Automatic parking lot cash register

Compact and maintenance-free parking system intended for both indoor and outdoor use.

It has a stable and durable structure, resistant to physical and weather conditions. The parking lot cash register will be perfect for shopping centers, office buildings, stations as well as train and bus stops. The parking lot cash register has been designed to cater to the needs of people with disabilities. It meets all European standards of accessibility for people with limited mobility and vision.

The parking lot cash register works in an extremely ergonomic way. The device has a built-in printer and QR code reader. Each QR code is assigned to a specific customer (e.g. car registration number); after it is read by a scanner, the system calculates the appropriate fee.

A comprehensive device for collecting cash and non-cash payments and issuing parking tickets.

  • Disability-friendly
  • Cashless and cash payment modules
  • Sale of paper tickets
  • Additional 19″ or 24″ screen (optional) enabling the display of information or advertisements in any form (static, video)
  • The device may be used indoors, as well as in extreme outdoor conditions (possibility of operating in a broad range of temperatures from -25°C to +55°C).
  • Efficient print modules available in two configurations to choose from
  • High-capacity terminal cassettes for coins (holding approximately 3,000 coins) and banknotes (600 pieces)
  • Remote operation, configuration and reporting via the central system

Interface – Screen

  • size: 15’’ additional 19’’
  • brightness: min. 800 cd/m2
  • resolution: primary: 1024×768  additional: 1920×540


Card payments

  • Proximity payment module:
  • supports Visa payWave and MasterCard PayPass proximity cards
  • EMV Level 1 certification, MasterCard PayPass M/Chip, Visa qVSDC
  • payment application certification – qSDC (Visa Europe) and TIP Contactless (MasterCard International)


Contact payment module

  • supports Visa and MasterCard contact cards (chip and magnetic strip)
  • EMV Level 1 and Level 2 certification
  • payment application certification – ADVT (Visa Europe) and TIP (MasterCard International)


Payment Application

  • PCI PA DASS certification for cooperating with the service center
  • MIFARE TM/MIFARE Plus TM card support module
  • support for card-encoded contracts, e.g. travel cards, e-purse


Cash payments

Coin support module

  • Intelligent system of accepting, recycling cash and issuing change in coins
  • coin slot with an automated shutter and coin movement direction recognition
  • programmable coin reader  –  accepts min. 6 types of coins
  • coin recognition – any chosen coins
  • feedback loop coin processing system – 6 rotary trays holding up to 67 coins
  • additional hoppers (500-750 coins) – 4 pcs.
  • self-closing, safe, steel terminal cassette – capacity of about 3,000 coins
  • Drilling attempt notification system – yes
  • Intermediary cassette mechanism – yes

Banknote handling module

  • Intelligent system of accepting, recycling cash and issuing change in coins
  • programmable banknote reader –  accepts banknotes inserted in 4 orientations
  • cash-box – capacity – 600 banknotes
  • intermediary cash-box – 15 units of banknotes
  • issuing change in banknotes (recycling) – 2 selected denominations



  • Printers – Programmable thermal printers with full graphic support, including 2D codes. Paper status check.
  • number of printers – up to 2 units depending on the printer type
  • 200 DPI resolution
  • maximum paper/printout width – 86 mm/80 mm
  • self-cleaning cutter – up to 1 mln cuts



central system

  • communication mode – GSM/GPRS /
  • alerts – yes
  • remote update of operating parameters (including tariff change) – yes
  • blocking and unblocking sales – yes
  • sales data collection, reports, settlements – yes
  • monitoring the operating status of the machine – yes


Casing, general operating conditions


  • Vandal-proof, edges shaped to prevent injury or damage to clothing.
  • protection class in compliance with the PN-EN 60529 norm – IP 54
  • lock mechanism – 5-point system
  • alarm system (unauthorized access attempt) – open door sensor, anti-drilling plates
  • external LED RGB status indicator – yes
  • dimensions – height x width x depth [mm]  2,148 (with canopy and base) or 1,300 without the base and canopy x 700 x 430
  • weight – without coins and printing paper [kg] – 225

Power supply

  • nominal voltage 24 VDC +/- 30%
  • with added 230VAC power adapter
  • power up to 480 VA

Environmental conditions

  • Operating temperature – -35°C to +60°C
  • humidity (without condensation) <95%
  • temperature control and heating system – yes
  • maximum printout width – 80 mm
  • communication mode –  GSM/GPRS/LTE, LAN, Ethernet, WiFi (additional option)