Management Staff

Our team consists of experienced, talented and, above all, full of passion and commitment, specialists. Nothing is impossible for us.

Sales Unit

Łukasz Wiśniewski

Sales Director

He has been working in the IT branch for several years, for last few years in Mera Group. He has several years of experience in managerial positions, both on domestic and international markets. During his career he was responsible for building a network of service branches and supervision of their proper operation. Currently, he is Sales Director. He is responsible for preparation of offers, agreements, contacts with Customers, branding operations and external and internal PR. He is a self-confessed sportsman.

Project Management Office

Paweł Grączewski

Director of Project Management Office

He has over 12 years of experience in the IT branch. He took part in the execution of projects as a consultant, expert and project manager. He began his work in Mera Systems in 2014 as a Project Organization Manager, and now he is the Implementation Manager in the Project Management Office. He is responsible for complex service of projects which are executed by the company. He spends his free time on bike trips.

Support Unit

Leszek Kaplo

Support Level Head – Warszawa

He acquired his first vocational experience abroad, working as a electrician. He has been working for Mera since 2009, at the beginning as a Technician, then as a Service Specialist. Currently, he is a Service Manager in Warsaw. He is responsible for coordination of technicians, current operation works and maintenance of devices. He manages the configuration of devices and is responsible for installation and assembling new machines. In his free time, he likes fishing.

Operations Unit

Paweł Bielicki

R&D Department Manager

Graduated of the Electronics and Telecommunication faculty of the Military University of Technology in Warsaw. He has been involved in Mera Group companies since 2010. He began his career as an electronic devices assembler, then he was an electronic engineer, service department manager and an application engineer. Currently he acts as the R&D department manager. He is responsible for implementing innovative solutions, selecting optimal technologies, as well as designing and creating new products in terms of electronics and mechanics. In his free time, he is following his passion – motorization.

Piotr Zieliński

Production Manager

He has been working for Mera for more than 7 years. At the beginning he worked as an Assembly Worker, then as a Service Technician, and now he is the Production Manager. He supervises the Production Section, where he improves and optimizes the production process, takes care of meeting the deadlines of deliveries. His mind is always full of ideas, he looks for and implements innovative solutions in Mera devices. Personally, he is a computer games enthusiast.

Mariusz Dobrzyński

IT Department Director

He has been working in the IT branch from 1998, at the beginning in the area of implementation of documents and information management systems. In the following years, he has been projecting reporting systems and other solutions which supported the operation of his employers. He held managerial positions in companies of various scope of activity, such as software developers, OFE, medical laboratories, telecommunication companies. In Mera Systems, as an IT Department Manager, he is responsible for software development and tests, as well as IT infrastructure. His hobbies include table tennis, horse riding and chess.


Renata Łabusz

Board of Directors Manager

She has several years of vocational experience in logistics branch: forwarding management of international trade shows and exhibitions, transport, management of customs agencies. In Mera Group since February 2012. She deals with the coordination of office work and administration tasks. She is responsible for the cooperation with external companies, supports external units in their current actions. Personally, a lover of intricacy of Polish language, fantasy literature and film, thrillers and classical music.