Stationary and mobile ticket vending machines manufactured by Mera Systemy will arrive in Ostrów Wielkopolski next year.

Mera Systemy signed a contract with MZK (Municipal Transport Agency) for the delivery, assembly and start-up of 55 ticket vending machines. According to Beata Klimek, the President of Ostrów Wielkopolski, the devices will significantly improve the quality of public transport in the city.

Stationary ticket machines will be located on bus stops with the greatest passenger load. It will be possible to purchase tickets with credit cards, but also with cash – in case of stationary ticket machines with bills and coins, and in mobile ones, cash payments will only be possible with coins. This is another solution designed to encourage the people of Ostrów to use public transport, which thanks to introduced innovations keeps becoming more comfortable, safe and very innovative – says Beata Klimek, the President of Ostrów Wielkopolski.

In addition to buying single use paper tickets, the people of Ostrów will have the possibility to top up their virtual wallets, as well as top up and check their Ostrów Electronic Tickets. TVMs are becoming a more and more important distribution channel, which is reflected in sales data. In Warsaw already more than 55 percent of ticket sales comes from ticket machines (42,7 percent – stationary, 12,6 percent – mobile).

Ostrów Wielkopolski will have 50 mobile ticket vending machines BM-06 and 5 stationary machines BS-201. The inhabitants of Ostrów will be able to use the devices already in the middle of next year.

While building the machines, high level of user comfort and safety of passengers are our priorities, which is why we use top quality components and apply the most advanced construction solutions. Our ticket machines are super easy to use. We ask elderly people to use them and then we take their remarks into account in our designs – explains Izabela Tłoczek-Koper, sales manager of Mera Systemy.

Stationary ticket vending machines will be located at:

  • Głogowska street,
  • Konopnickiej street,
  • January 23rdSquare,
  • Raszkowska street,

and by the Passenger Transfer Center at Wojska Polskiego street. Mobile ticket vending machines will be installed in MZK buses.