Ticket machines

Mobile ticket machines are designed to be installed and used in public transport. Choosing the right solution depends on the price structure of the ticket fare, the size of the passenger flows, the preferences for payment methods and a number of other factors.

Each of the devices offered by us as part of a line of mobile machines is adapted for remote management, status monitoring or configuration changes. When constructing automats, our priority is high level of passenger comfort and safety, so we use the highest quality components and the most advanced construction solutions.


Mobile ticket machines BM-05

Excellence in servicing low-volume transactions

A cost-effective, mobile solution for handling low-priced paper and electronic ticket purchases. Payment can be made using coin, proximity EMV payment cards for which PIN  transaction confirmation is not required, and Mifare cards. Special, hanging, vandal-proof and shock-resistant construction makes the BM-05 a ready-to-use solution for public transport.

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Mobile ticket machines BM-06Simple efficiency

Excellent continuation of the previous BM-05 model. The BM-06 has all the features of a predecessor, especially for accepting low value payments made with coins, EMV payment cards or Mifare cards. The distinctive feature of the BM-06 is the advanced coin recycling module, which features an intermediate cash register, which means the return of the coins, exactly the same coins, if the transaction is canceled.

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Mobile ticket machines BM-07

Compact versatility

The BM-07 is an ideal solution for those looking for a versatile, compact ticket machine. It supports payments of any amount by any type of payment card, and enables cash lovers to pay also in  coins. The BM-07 is particularly useful for city card users who encode period tickets or top up electronic wallets.

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Mobile ticket machines BM-101

Low-volume card transactions

Fees in urban public transport are usually low-quota transactions. Use of payment cards in such situations does not require PIN authorization. With this in mind, the BM-101 has been created to save space, ensure no costs of handling and cash collections, and easy operation. The features of the BM-101 ensure that smart charging systems based on electronic data carriers can be created or complemented on the basis of this model,

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Mobile ticket machines BM-102

Completely non-cash

The growing popularity of non-cash forms of payment was the inspiration for the BM-102, offering the full possibility of making payment via contact and contactless payment cards, including transactions requiring PIN confirmation. The BM-102 guarantees fast and secure purchase of one-off, periodic or top-up tickets, thanks to Mifare reader support.

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