The German carrier ordered intelligent ticket machines from Mera System company.

Stationary ticket machines designed and manufactured by Mera System will be introduced at the beginning in Germany and the Czech Republic. The order was placed by the intercity carier leader in Europe, the German FlixBus. Passengers using FlixBus services will be able to buy tickets in the facilities of the [...]

Ticket Vending Machines and Self-service machines  – what is their characteristics and where are they used?

Ticket Vending Machines and Self-service machines  - what is their characteristics and where are they used? For the last few years, devices facilitating use of the public transport are becoming increasingly popular in Poland. this has been enforced not only by the progress and modern technologies, but also policies employed by [...]

Mera Systems and a contract for the delivery of ticket vending machines to Piła

BM-07 ticket vending machine in Piła On 6th of November 2017 Mera Systems signed a contract for the delivery of 14 BM-07 ticket machines and modernization of 32 ticket vending machines owned by MZK Piła. The planned date of contract completion is mid-February 2018. BM-07 is the ideal solution for [...]

New ticket vending machines in Warsaw ZOO

Warsaw ZOO with new ticket vending machines Today, we travel to Warsaw ZOO. We invite all Warsaw residents, and not only them to meet amazing ZOO inhabitants. Having got to know them more closely, they appear to be very similar to people. Enough to mention AZIZI gorilla which is a [...]

Mera Systems at the TRAKO 2017 Fair

On 26-29 September, we participated in the TRAKO International Railway Fair as one of the exhibitors. The International Railway Fair was organized for the twelfth time. It is Poland's largest and second largest in Europe rail transport industry meeting. Once again Mera Systems took part in it as one of [...]

Ticket machines in Cracow

New mobile ticket machines in buses in Cracow We are happy to announce that the number of ticket machines manufactured by Mera Systemy in Cracow has significantly increased and this is not the end. Up to now, in buses in Cracow, you could find 78 BM-102 ticket machines. However, in [...]

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Mera Systems sp. z o.o. is a company with many years of tradition. We specialize in the design and manufacture of automated systems for charging fees for services and products. We have extensive experience in designing equipment for public transport.

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