Self-service parcel machine

The parcel machine is a self-service device for sending and receiving deliveries. The machine can be placed in any location (indoor and outdoor).

The client can send a letter or parcel on their own, without contacting the postal operator or courier company staff, after prior entry of data such as the sender’s and recipient’s personal details, destination zone, etc.

The payment can be made using a payment card (including a contactless one).

Description of the equipment

The parcel machine enables communication between the Client and the device thanks to the touchscreen. The touchscreen allows you to operate the user interface (application) to send parcels.

The parcel machine is ready for the installation of:

  • a contact payment card reader,
  • a contactless payment card reader
  • a bar code reader

The parcel machine is equipped with a voltage backup module in the event of power failure, which enables the completion of an operation already in progress and the correct closing of the system.

Users (operator’s staff) will be entitled to access the operator’s activities by entering their login and password. Additionally, individual zones of the device are protected against attempts of unauthorized access.



  • Size 12″ (4:3)
  • Brightness 800 cd/m2
  • Resolution 1024 x 768

Touchscreen overlay

  • Type – IR
  • Operation using any item – YES

Card payment (optional)

Proximity payment module (contactless)

  • Supports Visa payWave and MasterCard proximity cards
  • EMV Level 1 certification, MasterCard PayPass M/Chip, Visa qVSDC
  • Payment application certification – qSDC (Visa Europe) and TIP ContactLess (MasterCard International)

Contact payment module

  • Supports Visa and MasterCard contact cards (chip and magnetic strip)
  • EMV Level 1 and Level 2 certification
  • Payment application certification – ADVT (Visa Europe) and TIP (MasterCard International)

Payment Application

  • PCI PA DASS certification for cooperating with the service center

Printouts (optional)


  • Number of printers – 1 pc.
  • Confirmation of receipt of the package / payment


Video cameras

  • Quantity – 1 pc.

Camera location

  • Trained on the client’s face
  • Trained on the front of the device

Code reader

Code reader

  • Quantity  – 1 pc.
  • 1D and 2D barcodes

Casing, general operating parameters

Casing and protection

  • Anti-graffiti paint
  • Edges shaped to prevent injury or damage to clothing

Dimensions of lockers in the module

  • Height x width x depth [mm] 97 x 363 x 630
  • Height x width x depth [mm] 197 x 363 x 630
  • Height x width x depth [mm] 397 x 363 x 630

Power supply

  • Nominal power supply 230VAC 50 Hz

Environmental conditions

  • Operating temperature  – -25°C and +55°C
  • Operating and storage humidity (without condensation) (<95%)