Platinum 1.0 Central System

Platinum 1.0 Central System

Managing a dispersed network of ticket machines (or any other devices) would not be possible without a tool for ongoing monitoring, reporting and administering.

These functions are fulfilled by the Central System (Platinum 1.0) providing, among other things:

  • ongoing monitoring of the devices function;
  • collecting, storing and reviewing of data related to the devices condition;
  • collecting, storing and reviewing of data related to transactions carried out with the use of these devices;
  • support of the operational service;
  • support of the technical service;
  • generating reports on the condition of devices, transactions, settlements meant for: the devices’ operator, other users authorized by the operator/administrator.

The Platinum System has administrative functions which provide configurable, multilevel tool access for appropriate users groups. A graphic user interface of the Central System is intuitive and available from the level of an internet browser.

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