Service, Maintenance and Support

Mera provides specialized services of maintenance of automatic systems for payment acceptance and other devices and systems provided by Mera. Having high competences, experience and a well-developed network of branches and service and logistic facilities, Mera provides maintenance services also for providers of other products and their Customers (e.g. devices used in areas of paid parking).

Mera develops new technical and technological solutions necessary for maintaining ongoing efficiency of the maintained devices. That is how we know solutions to technical issues with older devices to which the producers are no longer able to provide spare parts.

Mera provides comprehensive support services or services in selected areas covering:

  • delivery, moving, disassembly of devices;
  • maintenance of devices and components at the Mera’s premises;
  • on-site maintenance of devices;
  • Support:
    • 1st  Line – help desk,
    • 2nd and 3rd support lines,
  • Central services:
    • state and alert monitoring,
    • generating of reports and statistics,
    • settlements and transactions approvals,
    • exporting data to external systems.
  • Software maintenance.

Our instalations

Remote Management