Smart Self-Service Devices

Mera Systemy provides ready and complete solutions for automatic ticket distribution along with specialist tools for managing the sales network.

MERA is a leader in implementing self-service solutions to support the work of administration, offices, e-commerce and entities providing banking, posting, health, advertising and entertainment services, which have become a part of the friendly city infrastructure.

Machines are designed to ensure their self-sufficiency for a long period of time, mainly due to their systems of return circulation of cash. Each device we offer as a stationary vending machine is designed for remote management, status monitoring or configuration changes.

When designing vending machines, our priority is providing high level of comfort of use and ability to work outdoors. Therefore, we use components of the highest quality and implement the most advanced construction solutions.

auto.POST – Postal Kiosk

Smart Self-Service Devices - auto.POST

auto.POST – Smart Post Office Window.

A unique solution for smart reception of post and courier consignments. The device weighs and analyses the size of the parcel and by applying an appropriate tariff, calculates the fee. The payment can be made with the use of any cashless or cash method. The device prints a self-sticking label compliant with the postal standards and before receiving the parcel, it verifies the parcel’s parameters once again. The device can also additionally function as a payment collection machine.

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pay.POINT – Payment collection Machine

Automation of Cash Desk Processes

The self-service Mera payment machine allows to make various payments defined in cooperation with the user in an extremely simple and intuitive way. With its cash return systems and modules for charge cards acceptance, it is a convenient alternative for cash desks in offices. A convenient area for scanning the 1D/2D codes allows making payments without the need to enter a whole range of data necessary for defining a reason of payment.

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