Stationary BS-10 TVM

State-of-the-art stationary TVM

BS-10 ticket vending machine is a free-standing, compact device to be used both inside and outside. It has stable and resilient structure, resistant to physical and weather conditions. It is a perfect choice for station buildings, railway stations, and bus stations. BS-10 was designed to be accessible to the disabled. It meets all European standards requirements of accessibility for sight-and mobility-impaired individuals.

Comprehensive device for cash and cashless fee collection and issuing securities in form of tickets, etc.

  • Disabled-accessible
  • Cash and credit payments
  • Sales of paper tickets and contracts coded on electronic cards
  • Additional 19” screen (optional) allowing to display dynamic transport info or advertisements in any form (static, video)
  • Adjusted to exploitation both in internal and extreme external conditions (operational in wide range of temperatures from -35 °C to +60 °C)
  • Efficient printing modules available in selection of two configurations
  • Spacious cassettes for coins (ca. 3 000 coins) and notes (600 pcs)
  • Remote control, configuration and reporting through central system


Stationary BS-10 TVM selling tickets for FlixBus in Karlsruhe