Ticket vending machines

Stationary ticket vending machines are designed for installation and use in public places, indoor and outdoor, or where significant passenger traffic is expected.

Stationary ticket vending machines are designed to ensure their self-sufficiency for a long period of time, mainly due to their systems of return circulation of cash. Well-equipped and located in the urban space, ticket vending machines may become something more than just a simple ticket machines. They can serve as urban assistants to display static information or dynamic interaction with a user. Every device we offer as a stationary vending machine is designed for remote management, status monitoring or configuration changes.

When designing machines, our priority is providing high level of comfort of use and ability to work outdoors. Therefore, we use components of the highest quality and implement the most advanced construction solutions that ensure resistance to intentional destruction, work in a broad range of temperatures and adequately high class of air-tightness.


Stationary ticket vending machines BS-09

Economic solution

Standalone, compact ticket vending machine enabling cash and cashless payments. This TVM is recommended in the places with moderate passenger traffic, or if economic solution is what you look for. Perfectly suitable for installation indoors and outdoors. TVM features also a hanging (mobile) version as BM-09 model.

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State-of-the-art TVM

BS-10 ticket vending machine is a free-standing, compact device to be used both inside and outside. It has stable and resilient structure, resistant to physical and weather conditions. It is a perfect choice for station buildings, railway stations, and bus stations. BS-10 was designed to be accessible to the disabled. It meets all European standards requirements of accessibility for sight-and mobility-impaired individuals.

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Stationary ticket vending machines BS-201

Handling significant passenger flows

Uniquely durable and resistant TVM, mainly for outdoor use. Prepared for a long-term operation without the necessity to supply cash or consumables. Its safety is ensured by the multilayer safety system. BS-201 offers a unique solution for work with an intense passenger flows even in difficult environment conditions.

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Urban assistant

In order to make a stationary TVM more useful in urban spaces, we added a module of interactive kiosk to its basic version, i.e. an additional touchscreen where all kinds of information may be presented in an interactive form. In addition to all functions of the TVM performed by our devices of BS-200 and BS-206 lines, it can function as a self-service urban or tourist information point. It is absolutely necessary not only in places where passengers want to buy tickets, but also need to know where, when and why they should go.

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Intelligent, multifunctional

This TVM has a broad spectrum of features and functionalities. It is resistant, prepared for outdoor conditions and resistant to intentional damage. TVM’s design with spare and interchangeable parts ensures its long period of action and cost efficiency. TVM supports a range of payments with effective mechanisms of storing and recycling of coins and banknotes. With its three screens, it may complement passenger, urban and tourist information systems. Moreover, it is ready for integration with other urban or self-service systems.

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