New mobile ticket machines in buses in Cracow

We are happy to announce that the number of ticket machines manufactured by Mera Systemy in Cracow has significantly increased and this is not the end. Up to now, in buses in Cracow, you could find 78 BM-102 ticket machines. However, in August, appeared also BM-06 machines, and their overall number will be 105 machines.

BM-102 is a non-cash machine which offers full possibility of payments by contact and contactless pay cards, as well as realization of transaction which requires PIN confirmation. BM-102 ensures quick and safe purchase of single ride, season tickets and recharge of pass vile, thanks to the service of Mifare. On the other hand, BM-06 accepts low value payments made with coins, as well as accepts EMV pay cards and Mifare cards. What distinguishes this model, is an advanced module of coins recirculation (recycling), with a function of intermediate cash box, i.e. return of exactly the same coins you paid earlier, in the case of transaction cancelling.

We kindly invite all Cracow residents, and not only them, to buy tickets in machines manufactured by us!