Ticket vending machines

ticket vending machines

Ticket vending machines have become an integral part of public transport. Today, almost every bus, trolley bus or tram is equipped with a mobile ticket machine. On the other hand, in most cities in Poland we can find stationary ticket machines.

Both stationary and mobile ticket vending machines allow you to purchase individual tickets, time tickets and term tickets. They accept payments made in coins and banknotes, and are equipped with payment terminals for accepting debit and credit cards, both in contact and contactless (proximity) technology.

Mera is the leader in the domestic market of ticket machines. Warsaw buses are equipped with more than 1,500 Mera units, about 300 of which are in trams, and 130 stationary machines can be found in the streets in the capital city. In Łódź, about 700 machines are installed in the buses and trams, in Olsztyn and Kraków over 400 units in total. In addition to the above-mentioned cities, Mera ticket machines can be found in Poznań, Wrocław, Jelenia Góra, Lublin, Jaworzno, Toruń or Radom. The population of ticket machines produced by Mera Systems is growing every month, as well as the number of cities that have these ticket vending machines.

Stationary ticket vending machines are used not only in transport, but also in all cultural and entertainment establishments, such as swimming pools, museums and zoos, where entry tickets can be purchased quickly and easily. Mera ticket machines can be found primarily in the Malbork Castle Museum, the Nature and Forest Museum in Białowieża or the Warsaw Zoological Garden.

Ticket vending machines offered by Mera

Stationary Ticket Vending Machines:

  • Stationary BS-09 TVM – Standalone, compact TVM enabling cash and cashless payment.
  • Stationary BS-201 TVM – Unique solution for work with intense passenger flows even in difficult environment conditions.
  • Stationary BS-206 TVM – In addition to all functions of the ticket machine, BS-206 can function as a self-service urban or tourist information point.
  • BS-209 Stationary Ticket Machine – Wide Range of Characteristics and Functionalities, Long-Term of Autonomous Work.

Mobile ticket vending machines: