Payment stations are becoming increasingly popular

In December 2016 in Suwałki City Hall, commissioned by Bank Pekao S.A., the first Payment station produced by Mera Systemy was installed, previously delivered by BillBird S.A. as part of a complex service of charging and billing, as well as collection and settlement of cash payments.

Currently the seven products we manufacture operate under the brand of BillBird, Bank Pekao S.A., Millenium S.A. bank, in city halls in Opole, Suwałki, Radom, Zakopane, Częstochowa and Bydgoszcz.

The number of transactions made in a fairly short period of operation of self-service Payment stations which has already exceeded 30 thousand, and the value of payments which is higher than 2.2 billion PLN, both testify to the growing popularity of our products.

Payment Station is a versatile modular self-service device used for the collection of fees and payments applicable in banks, central and local government administration, insurance companies, etc.

The simple, intuitive operation of the machine significantly reduces the time spent on official matters, providing measurable savings through optimization of cash processing.

Take the opportunity to make yourself familiar with our device.