Mera Go – virtual ticket

The new payment card-assigned ticketing system is based on: the Mera Go central IT system, ticket vending machines and validators with electronic payment support and control devices. These apparatuses are equipped with a simple and transparent user interface enabling transactions using electronic payments without the need to print a paper ticket.

After swiping the payment card, the ticket vending machine/validator will enable the purchase of a ticket using the NFC module, telephone or watch.

First, the traveler chooses from the pool of tickets available to passengers. The user interface has a shopping cart function, i.e. it allows you to purchase several types of tickets at the same time in one transaction.

After selecting the tickets, the passenger has the following options:

  • purchase of a virtual ticket assigned to a payment card / phone / watch (single fare ticket, optional long-term ticket – monthly pass)
  • purchase of a classic paper ticket from a ticket vending machine

During the ticket inspection, the passenger must hold the payment card against the controller’s reader in order to confirm the valid fare. No additional funds are charged to your card during the inspection.

Additionally, the confirmation of purchase and the validity period of the ticket can be checked by the passenger at the ticket vending machine/validator – by selecting the appropriate button on the screen.

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MeraGo supporting devices:

Validators: KSM-10 / KSM-12

Mobile ticket vending machines: BM-100 / BM-102 / BM-05 / BM-06 / BM-07

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